What happens in a certain place can stain your feelings for that location, just as ink can stain a white sheet. You can wash it, and wash it, and still never forget what has transpired, a word which here means “happened and made everybody sad. Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can’t Avoid (via twinklelikestars)

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Mount Rainier


friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that

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I am spitting out your name in the back of my bedroom.
I am six cups of coffees in, but that’s besides the point.
I am figuring out which parts of my personality are mine
and which ones I created to please you.

I am still holding onto some of the letters you wrote me.
I tell myself it’s to remember.
I tell myself it’s because I am afraid of forgetting
the early warning signs.
I tell myself I’m not sentimental.

I’m not sentimental.
I’m just afraid of throwing every burning thought
I have about you into the trash
and starting a wildfire.

Thinking about you takes effort now.
These days, if I want to bleed you out,
I have to grab a knife.

This is a form of self-abuse.
This is a form of reliving my youth.
This is a way to remember what it felt like to be near you.

The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You| Lora Mathis (via twinklelikestars)

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I tucked my last piece of pride between your fingertips and you used it to get high. astaticheart
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My body is not perfect. Some bits are quite excellent and some bits are a bit rubbish. On the whole though, it does OK and gets me from A-B (which is what people say about boring cars but I’m going somewhere with this I promise) and that’s essentially all you need. If you have a healthy body that does what you want it to do, be very glad indeed. Doing things like dressing it in pretty clothes is just the cherry on the cake and should be embraced.

I know from experience and from reading all your comments that it’s quite hard to feel good about your physical appearance. Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to wear a particular pair of jeans or to put on a certain top. I hope this video shows curvy girls as well as slim, short, tall, all girls, that it is absolutely OK to play with styles and wear fun colours and go wild with patterns and bare your legs or arms or boobies (to within reason- ooer!).

You don’t have to be a cardboard cutout of a model to wear the clothes you want. You just need to find them in your size and put them on. At first you might feel a bit wobbly (excuse the pun) in things but keep going… The point I’m making is that even some of the most confident people (and I’d class myself as almost worryingly confident!) have their battles, it’s OK to feel a bit scared sometimes but it’s good to remind yourself that you can make any clothes work for you if you have a little think and have the guts to give them a go.

sprinkleofglitter (Louise Pentland)

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